élisabeth de feydeau

«Add three letters to Paris: it becomes paradise » according to Jules Renard’s aphorism. And along the water, in the rustle (froufrou in french) of Paris, we go back in time in the wake of the Seine. This cruise is a sensory stroll through Paris, the world capital of taste and elegance. Symbol of a French “art de vivre” , Paris remains the city of Perfume, where the most beautiful wakes are created.

, Elisabeth de Feydeau, Frou-Frou, under the petticoats of the Seine

The themes -

History of perfumes

We will discover the history of smells, through the one of Paris, which knew how to integrate all the influences of civilizations, that have come togetherover the fashions.

The different scents

While contemplating the monuments of the capital, we will evoke and smell the perfumes of the Orient from Egypt to Arabia, the fumes of incense from the sacred to Notre-Dame, the leather accords of the glove-perfumers of the Pont au Change, the scent of Paris under the Kings.

Paris and the great perfumes

Do you know what is the link between Jicky by Guerlain and the Eiffel Tower? Between the Impressionists at the Musée d´Orsay and Après l'Ondée by Guerlain? Between N ° 5 by Chanel and the Palais de Tokyo?

Paris seduces

City of lights and fashion, Paris seduces and inspires many designers: François Coty thus named one of his perfumes “Paris” in 1922. Launched in 1928 by Bourjois, “Evening in Paris”, was marketed in France a year later under the name of “Soir de Paris”. In 1983, Yves Saint Laurentlaunched “Paris”, an essential scent in the name of the capital to celebrate women in love in Paris.
, Elisabeth de Feydeau, Frou-Frou, under the petticoats of the Seine

Presentation - ​

Élisabeth de Feydeau holds a doctorate in history.

She worked at Chanel and Bourjois, where she was responsible for cultural affairs, before founding Arty Fragrance, her own olfactory development consulting company.

At the same time, she is the author of books on perfume and luxury, director of exhibitions and host of conferences around the world.

Since 2013, she has collaborated on the television show hosted by Christine Bravo “Sous les jupons de l’histoire” as an expert and historian specializing in Versailles and perfume.


Embark on a prestige cruise on the Seine in Paris with Frou-Frou, under Seine’s skirt.*