« Bravo Paris ! » : We should hear this exclamation in two intonations. The one that is, artistic, rebellious, innovative and festive which made the capital the symbol of the Enlightenment, but also the one of its tragic double, which shattered down its people and sacrificed its heritage in many bloodthirsty outbursts.

Portrait de Christine Bravo Noir et banc

The themes -

Bastille prison

We will learn about the historical truth of the Bastille prison, the personification of our national holiday, which far from being a symbol of royalist cruelty, was in truth a 5-star residence for privileged guests.

The July column

We will talk about the surrealist necropolis that lies under the July Column, where the remains of soldiers and Egyptian mummies mingle.

King Saint Louis

We will discuss the piety of the good king Saint Louis, his obsession for holy relics, which he acquired at a price of gold from the kings of Egypt.

The secrets of the Louvre

We will reveal to you the unusual secrets of the Louvre, imperial palace of the kings of France, and the incredible excesses of the sovereigns who have occupied it, starting with the hunts in its galleries.

The Saint-Barthélemy massacre

We will discuss the appalling episode of the Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre, initiated by Catherine de Medici, during the reign of her weak offspring Charles IX.

Gustave Eiffel

We will sum up Gustave Eiffel's incredible stubbornness to win the World's Fair competition and to complete it successfully, despite all conceivable obstacles.

Marguerite of Valois

We will relate the reluctance of Marguerite de Valois, alias Queen Margot, to marry Henri de Navarre, the future Henri IV until their tragicomic marriage in Notre-Dame cathedral.
, Christine Bravo, Frou-Frou, under the petticoats of the Seine

Presentation - ​

Holder of a degree in history from the University of Paris VII, Christine Bravo was destined for becoming a professor in this discipline.

After her success in the competitive examination of the École normale supérieure, she obtained her tenure in teaching, worked for two years, and branched out into journalism on the advice of Jean-Paul Sartre by joining the daily Liberation, then Le Matin de Paris. She was then approached by radio media (France Culture, France Inter, Europe 1, RTL) for interventions in cultural programs and debates in which she regularly collaborates.

The exercise earned her the interest of the television channels where she officiates as a columnist in the programs Permission de Minuit, by Frédéric Mitterrand, then Ciel, mon mardi!, by Christophe Dechavanne, up to L’Assiette anglaise by Bernard Rapp. After which she will be in charge of her own concepts: Mille Bravo, Merci et encore Bravo, programs focused on the arts (literature, music, theater, cinema). Frou-frou and Union libre will follow, original infotainment programs combining culture and entertainment

With Sous les jupons de l’histoire, broadcast since 2013 on the Chérie 25 channel, she reconnects with her first passion for the history of France and initiates a project to discover our heritage on a collector’s star. She continues to participate in the legendary program Grosses Têtes on RTL.


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